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            1. Exhibition Hall
            2. Office Scene
            3. Workshop
            4. Technical Support
            Zhongshan Chunkai Electronics CO., Ltd

            Zhongshan Chunkai Electronics CO., Ltd

            Zhongshan Chunkai Electronics Co., Ltd. locates in Zhongshan, Guangdong, was specialized in developing and manufacturing small home appliance. As a professional manufacture, we have 12 years’ experience to focus on the produce & sales of electric fans, heaters and small home appliance. We supply the good quality products and deliver on time. In order to meet the requirements of our customer orders, we set up professional production lines, sales teams, perfect management system and continually research & develop ne···
            VR scene
            • 40,000㎡
              Plant area of 45000 square meters
            • 6 mil
              6 mil.
              Annual production fan products for more than 6 million units
            • 300 mil
              300 mil.
              Annual sales of nearly 300 million yuan